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YOU'RE PLAYING: Attack of the Robots Game.

- PowerUps are dropped after destroying a robot or appear randomly during a boss fight POWERUP TYPES: SMALL MEDKIT, LARGE MEDKIT: Recovers some life QUAKE: Destroys all robots MACHINE GUN: Gives you the Machine Gun or more ammo SHOTGUN: Gives you the Shotgun or more ammo ROCKET LAUNCHER: ...You can figure it out NORMAL ROBOTS: -Robots will appear randomly from one of the two entrances and will deal damage if they touch you or shoot you. - Each Robot has lives that have to be depleted before they blow up. - Destroying a robot will give you points. Destroy them consecutively to earn a combo for more points BOSSES: -Bosses appear after 4D robots are destroyed and will give you an upgrade if destroyed (Note: As the game time increases enemies do more damage and move faster] With Auto Fire On* - "Left click" to use Super Speed for a short period and release to stop using it. With Auto Fire Off* - "Left click" to shoot - "space/shift" to use Super Speed for a short period and release to stop using it. UNIVERSAL - Use the "a/left' and "d/right" keys to move - Press "w/up" to jump - Press "s/down" to dash when holding down the "a/left" or "d/right" key as well. Dashing will give you a quick speed burst and allow you to pass robots - "k" will cause instant suicide - "m" to toggle music - V to toggle auto weapon switch - Change weapon: "1 "[handgun)."2"[machine gun), "3"(shotgun] and "4" [rocket launcher] [The numpad also works] - You can also cycle through weapons using "e/0 on me numpad" Toggle Auto Rre with "c" in game

Game Genre: Robot Action game.

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