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Trash n Smash instructions: After choosing an arena the game starts straight away. So you need to be well prepaid. Hit as much objects as you can. To hit an object, press the 'Z' key. Press the arrow keys to change your direction. To target a direction, you need to press 2 arrow keys at once. For example: Up+Right will target diagonal up-right. If you act too slowly you will get hit by the oncoming objects and you will have to start all over again. So be careful. Alien Galaxion instructions: There are 2 ways to control your ship. You can use either way anytime. Ship controls (1): Left and Right Keys to rotate, Up key to accelerate. Ship controls (2): Mouse Pointer to steer, Space Bar to accelerate. The ship will move towards the direction of your mouse. Shooting: To shoot, just click where you want to shoot. Game Objectives: You can either play as Alien or Humans. You win when you wipe out all your enemies (your opposite race) or destroy the enemy base. IMPORTANT - The Radars on the top right of the screen point to the bases, so that you know which directions the bases are from you. The Bases are equipped with defense, so you might want to be careful. Diver 84 instructions: Controls: Z Key - Jump off platform Left & Right Keys - Rotate diver (more points) Holding down Z when rotating can increase rotation speed, (even more points) Up Key - Twist diver (to get twist points) Down Key - Bend diver (holding this key when rotating will perform somersaults, to get style points) It is hard to get beautiful dives but after practicing for a while it will be easy. The trick is to rotate your diver to dive head first, vertically. Once you know how to do this, try bending, rotating and twisting before you hit the water. The more bends, rotations and twists, the higher your score.

Game Genre: Fighting Action game.

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