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YOU'RE PLAYING: Red Shift Game.

- Arrow Keys: Move - A Key: Shoot - S Key: Activate Shield - D Key: Activate EMP (When the EMP meter is full) - P Key: Pause / Access Inventory - M Key: Toggle Sound Options StatWhat it means HPHealth Points. How much damage your ship can sustain. ATPAttack Power. How much damage an item does. RoFRate of Fire. How quickly a weapon fires. ACCAccuracy. It's the odds of whether a bullet will score a hit or a miss when it strikes an enemy. Accuracy of 2 has a 50:50 chance to hit, whereas Accuracy of 10 has a 1:10 chance to hit. LCKLuck / Critical Chance. A critical will score 2x damage when it strikes an enemy. The lower LCK is the more likely it is that a critical hit will occurr. EMP CostHow many bullets an Absorb Shield is required to absorb to fill up the EMP Meter. EMP ATPHow much damage an EMP does when it's fired. Exclusive to Absorb Shields. Shield ATPHow much damage reflected bullets will do when they strike an enemy. Exclusive to Reflect Shields. Shield DURHow long a shield will stay on after it has been activated. Shields have a base amount of time that they stay activated, which is 2/3rd of a second. Every point in Shield Duration adds 1/30th of a second to the time it stays on. Rarity The likelyhood of an item to show up. Generally rarer items have superior stats.

Game Genre: Shooter Action game.

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