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YOU'RE PLAYING: MoonMaster Game.

Hit "p" to pause/unpause the game. Use the W A S D keys to control the movement of the gunner. You cannot move up unless you have fuel (orange bar). You cannot fire unless you have ammo (laser colored bar). You cannot block unless you have shields (green cresent) Your hit points are indicated by the green bar Click to fire weapon. Hold down mouse to fire a lot. Your ammo, shield and fuel regenerate but your health does not. Game is over when either your hit points are reduced to zero or all of your colonies are destroyed. Hit "f" to toggle fly mode - when in fly mode the jet-fighter will follow your mouse. Fly Mode Controls: W - after burner. S - break. R - shoot rocket. Left Mouse - fire laser When in fly-mode your gunner will fight automatically for you Hit "t" to place gun turret, Hit "y" to place bomb turret, Hit "u" to place missile turret (if you have any)

Game Genre: Defense War game.

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