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YOU'RE PLAYING: Griswold the Goblin Game.

Movements = Use Arrow Keys or W,A,S & D Keys Toggle Mouse Pointer = Space Bar While in the game use the mouse to open menu by moving it to the top of the screen and the menu will appear. Once in the menu you may use either: SELECT, TOUCH, LOOK AND TALK to interact with the level. SELECT- Lets you touch things without interacting with the level such as in the inventory TOUCH- Allows you to pick up items and does the same as look LOOK- Will give you hints as to what you should do in the game TALK- Lets you talk to the people and creatures in Griswold's wacky world Move your mouse icon to the top of the screen NOW and notice that the menu scrolls down. Inside the menu you can switch mouse icons or you can use space to quickly swap icons any time during play. Also in the menu there is the inventory where ou can store all your items, take a look NOW. en your done click on "GO" to proceed.

Game Genre: RPG Adventure game.

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