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YOU'RE PLAYING: Battlegrounds Game.

Let's start with the basic controls : M: show map Click (on a soldier): show stats Shift + click : select/deselect unit Control * click : send units there Control t space + click : flee there Click and drag : select multiple units From the stats window you can see if your units need to be healed. In the top bar, you can see the three following sections plus a pause button : Units selected : shows the units selected out of the total units Gold : shows your current amount of money Current quest: shows the number of the quest you are in Pause : pauses the game and lets you access your inventory To use an item, you must pause the game and select it from the inventory by clicking on it. Then, press the use button to resume play and use the selected item. For more info check the in-game manual

Game Genre: RPG Adventure game.

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