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YOU'RE PLAYING: Particlz Game.

Your goal is to place Each of the particles into a collector. A white collector can accept any particle, while a colored collector can receive only a particle of the same color. You cannot move a particle directly. Instead, you have to use the manipulators. A manipulator emits a beam that can acquire a particle or another manipulator. When a manipulator is moved in a certain direction, any piece it acquired is moved in that same direction, if possible. Click a manipulator to see in which directions you can move it. Drag the manipulator in the desired direction to make it move. By clicking on a manipulator, you also Enable it for keyboard movement. You can move the selected manipulator in directions indicated by the flashing cursor, using either the cursor keys or the W, A, S, D keys. To select a different manipulator you can use any of the following keys: Page Up, Page Down, Q, E. Also, you can select manipulators by clicking on them with your mouse. Any particle can move over a white tile, but only a particle of a matching color can be moved over a colored tile. Walls block both beams and pieces. Windows block pieces, but not beams. If you move a piece to a spot with no tile, that piece will be lost, unless it has been acquired by a manipulator beam, manipulator beams allow pieces to hover over empty spaces, as long as the manipulator emitting the beam isn't lost. If you lose a particle, you fail the level. If you lose a manipulator, you can continue playing, unless you have no manipulators left.

Game Genre: Logic Puzzle game.

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