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Kim Possible Rufus Snow Ride Game.

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YOU'RE PLAYING: Kim Possible Rufus Snow Ride Game.

Use arrow keys to move. Space bar to jump. 1 - 3 press these keys when you jump to perform stunts. Snowman: Makes you invincible ... roll over enemies for points. Time Extension Flags: Give you more time to complete the level. Ramps: Use the 1-2-3 Keys to perform tricks in the air. End of Level: Snowboard in between the flags and get bonus points. Bent Trees: Crouch down and ski through bent trees. Cuddle Buddies & Henchmen: Jump over them or throw snow on them. Timer: Remaining time carries over to next level and gives you bonus points. Rocks: Jump over the rocks.

Game Genre: Kim Possible Cartoon game.

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