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YOU'RE PLAYING: Metroid Genesis Game.

Use the password "hunted" to start the game. These are the basic controls. The mouse controls where the target is on screen. Left click the mouse to fire at where the target is aimed. If an enemy attaches itself to your helmet, the SPACE button will knock them off, preventing further damage. When you are attacked by an enemy, you're helth bar is reduced. And your visor is damaged, reducing visibility. To regain health, shoot a health orb dropped by a dead enemy. This will replenish your healthbar and repair your visor. The game is over when you destroy all the enemies or your health level reaches zero. To progress through the level, it is necessary to destroy all the enemies which you are confronted by to further the adventure. On completion of the game, you can unlock bonus extras on the title screen, the harder the difficulty setting you beat it on, the better the prize. Good luck.

Game Genre: Shooter Action game.

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