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Your coin counter is in the bottom left hand side of the screen. You'll also find a timer on the bottom right hand side on the screen, but beating it is optional for advanced players. Completing a level before the timer runs out is not necessary in winning Pojuko. Here are some important shortcut keys to remember X key = reset character to start R key = replay level from beginning (with timer reset) ESC key = go back to main menu Controlling your character is simple. Just hold down the left mouse button to charge up your jump strength, then release the button to jump. While you are on the floor, point your mouse cursor in the direction you wish to jump, and when in the air, move your mouse to control your characters rotation. The goal of each level is to collect all of the coins and then make your way to the exit flag. In Pojuko, coins are not considered collected until after you sucessfully land after touching them. You may notice there are two coins on the right most platform on this level. Those are combo coins, and are indicated by the small inner circle on the face of the coin. To collect any combo coins, you must collect ALL of the coins in the combo. In this case, collecting both coins in the same jump. The Pojuko campaign offers a series of pre-made levels which test a variety of in-game skills. Don't know how to play? lust click on a training level and you can read the instructions as you go! White level names mean that the level is locked, and you must complete a previous level to unlock it. Grey level names mean that the level is unlocked, but you have not completed that level yet. Green level names mean you have completed that level. Gold level names mean that you have completed that level within the given optional time limit. To win the campaign you must complete all the levels, but winning all of the levels within the time limit will unlock a secret... ooooh! This game automagically saves your campaign mode progress so you can come back later and continue your campaign from where you left off. However, your save data will not carry across if the game is played from different URL's hard drive locations. It is recommended that you save this game locally and play your game from your hard drive to insure that your save data isn't lost. Your save data will be lost if you clear the Flash memory cache/browser history etc. The game also runs MUCH faster locally. There is an option on the main menu to clear your saved game history. To accommodate for dial-up users, this game does not contain music. It is recommended that you queue up some of your favourite songs in a media player in the background as a substitute. This game is the first of a series of Pojuko games. If people enjoy it, that is. The next version will better explain the storyline behind Pojuko.

Game Genre: Sports game.

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