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YOU'RE PLAYING: FlashWars Star Wars Game Game.

Movement - Arrow keys Spacebar - Fire blaster CTRL - Fire Torpedo Shift - Fire / Launch special Enter - Toggle shields Insert - Toggle Repairs Delete - Call all ships Home - Recall all ships End - Asteroid Page up - Afterburner on Pagedown - Afterburner off HOW TO GATHER RESOURCES: To build or research things you must gather resources and bring them back to your base. Fly to an asteroid (gray for metal, yellow for gold) and press "END". The resource will be collected into your cargo hold and you can fly back to your base and press "END" again to offload it. Build a small fleet of A-Wing scouts, the scouts will collect resources when they arc guarding your base. HOW TO BUILD Once you have sufficient resources you can begin to build/research. Click the Rebel Base to open its drop- down menu and select the item you wish to build/rcscarch and the construction will begin. Hover the mouse over the build buttons to see how much in resources each will cost you. HOW TO FIGHT Alone, you are probably no match for enemy ships unless you have traded in for a better one. Ship controls were explained in the previous menu. Only some ships have torpedoes, review each ship's stats in the ship database. Use the arrow keys to navigate your ship and the various firing buttons to engage the enemy. HOW TO ORGANIZE YOUR FLEETS Clicking on individual ships will either assign them to escort you or will release them from their escort duty. Some ships may break off while escorting to attack a nearby enemy. To call all your ships to you at once, press the "HOME" key and they will come running to your location.

Game Genre: War game.

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