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Arrow keys - movement CTRL - Fire / Use Special Spacebar - Fire Phasers Shift - Toggle Inventory Enter - Toggle Shields Page up - Engage warp Page down - disengage warp Home - Hail fleet Insert - Toggle repairs Delete - Remove from inventory End - Use Transporter - In the beginning of the game, gather resources and equipmenr to stock your ship and build a small fleet. Remember single ships are no match for the Romulans at the beginning. Do not try to attack the enemy base until you have researched shields and built the Daedalus class. - Use your mouse to click on individual allied ships to assign them orders. Hover your mouse over ships for their status, or their sensor dots for their names. - Fleeing while firing aft torpedo launchers is a good way to destroy an enemy without sustaining heavy damage. - You cannot upgrade your starbase, thus advancing to the next rime period, until the enemy starbase is destroyed. - Allied ships will also gather resources. Build a large fleet even if you do not intend to attack. - If the entire Romulan Fleet suddenly cloaks...get back to your starbase quick and call for reinforcements! - Equip your ship wisely. Depending on your combat style, some items will be more useful than others. - Try disabling enemy ships rather than destroying them. Beam over an assault team to try and steal their technology. - Once the enemy starbase is destroyed, take some rime to build up a small fleet before you upgrade your starbase. You want to be ready in the next time period when the enemy starts attacking again. - If you are going to attack the enemy, leave a couple ships at your starbase to protect it! Nothing's worse than having your starbase destroyed while you're out on an attack run.

Game Genre: Movie & TV Entertainment game.

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