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Place similar colored gem blox together to remove them from the board. Remove all gem blox to solve the puzzle and get to the next level. How To Move And Remove Blox. Click a blox, hold down the mouse button, and drag to left or right. Blox cannot be moved upwards. Place similar blox together to remove them. Avoid Getting Stuck Move blox in correct order to ovoid getting stuck. If stuck click the Retry button. Removing 3 Similar Blox Place 3 similar blox together carefully so that you do not end up with 1 blox left. Elevators Place a blox on an elevator to move It upwards. Damaged Break Apart Blox Damaged blox slowly break apart when a blox is placed on top of it. Bombs Drop a blox on top a bomb to blow it up along with all surrounding blox. Nearby bombs will also explode.

Game Genre: Tetris Arcade game.

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