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YOU'RE PLAYING: Cake Jam Game.

Click the ingredients to build up the cake and then drag the cake to the correct customers. Welcome to CAKE Jam! Here's your first customer; you can see which cake she wants from her thought bubble. CLICK on the ingredients in the correct order and, when finished, drag the cake to the customer. If you need help with a recipe, click on the recipe book for a closer look. If you make a mistake, click the recycle button to start again. The quicker you serve the customers, the more they will tip you. Failing to serve a customer will cost you 3 dollars. If there are too many customers, you can give one of them a milkshake. This will temporarily satisfy them, but the milkshake takes time to refill. Some people like chocolate bars, which you can quickly drag to them. In order to progress you need to make a certain profit for each day. Complete all 5 days to become the Cake Jam Master.

Game Genre: Cooking Kids game.

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