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YOU'RE PLAYING: Bot Arena 2 Game.

Winning battles also unlocks new battle opportunities for you, as well as making more items available in the shop where you buy Bot items from. There are a few basic regulations in BotArena. The main rule is that all bots must be completely controlled using artificial intelligence. No human intervention is permitted. There are three main pieces that make up a fully operational bot. The Chassis: This is the basis of what makes up the bot. The bot's chassis is what the bot uses the move. It is also where the bot's artificial intelligence is held, which is protected by very basic shielding. The Plating: This is what protects your bot from the weapons-fire that it will inevitably receive inside the arena. Without plating, your bot is virtually defenceless. As such, bots without plating are not considered complete enough to enter a battle. A Component: Components are typically weapons which you bot will use to attack other bots. Components can also be tools which can, for example, be used on other bots on your team to repair damage. For more information read the in-game manual

Game Genre: Strategy War game.

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